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Bathroom Packing Tips For Your Next Move

The bathroom may seem like the easiest room to pack for your move since it is the smallest and doesn't typically contain any furniture. It's also a room that is likely to result in a few mishaps if you don't pack and plan properly. The following tips can help you avoid some common issues.

Tip #1: Cut down on mildew

Items often stay in boxes for at least a few days, if not for several weeks, during a move. Nowhere can this be more damaging than with bathroom items. The issue is moisture, which can quickly lead to mildew growth. Towels taken straight from a linen shelf and placed in a box may contain moisture from the last shower. The same goes for shower curtains, rugs, and even bath toys. Run your bathroom linens through the dryer to remove any residual moisture before packing them up. As for toys and other hard items, make sure they are completely dry – inside and out – before packing them.

Tip #2: Bag the liquids

The myriad types of lotions and potions in a typical bathroom deserve a box of their own, especially since they may spill a bit of their contents. This is even more likely on longer distance moves where there will be some altitude and pressure issues affecting the contents of the bottles. Make sure every lid is closed tightly and then place the containers in sealed plastic bags before boxing. If you don't want to take the time to bag items individually, pack these items in a plastic storage tub. The tub will contain the mess if anything overflows.

Tip #3: Take care with the medicine cabinet

Many medicines, both over the counter and prescription, are heat sensitive. Extreme temperatures can cause liquid medications to separate and it can affect the effectiveness of any type of medicine. In the summer months it can become sweltering in the back of a moving truck. It's best to pack medications separately and transport them yourself in your air-conditioned car. The same goes for cosmetics, which can also melt or separate in heat.

Tip #4: Know what you need

Without fail, the boxes you need most upon arrival at your new home will be the last ones you find. You can avoid this frustration by planning ahead for the bathroom items you will need right away. After a hard day of moving everyone will want to shower, so make sure shower curtains, towels, and basic toiletries are packed into your car instead of in the bathroom boxes on the moving truck.

For more help in planning your move, contact movers in your area.