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Four Moving Tips When Downsizing To A Smaller Space

If you are getting ready to moving into a new home that might involve downsizing, this might involve an additional level of planning that wouldn't come with a standard move. Moving into a smaller space will require you to assess your things, current space, and plan for a smaller living situation. Here are four helpful moving tips if you are downsizing your living space at the same time.

1. Purge and Organize First

If you are moving into a smaller space, the easiest way to deal with your new situation is to come into this with less items. Purging areas such as your closet and kitchen might feel overwhelming, but will be worth the extra effort. If you can start to declutter a month or two before your move, you can begin to purge items throughout your home to donate or throw out.

2. Utilize Storage if Needed

If you begin your organization and purging process and hit a roadblock with getting rid of items, you can always utilize storage for items you cannot part with. This might be a short-term solution for items that you are on the fence about. This can also be a long-term strategy for seasonal items and sporting equipment that your new space cannot accommodate.

3. Measure Space and Furnishings First

If you know that your new home might have a cramped hallway, bedroom, or living room, measure your new space as well as furnishings to make sure this can actually hold your existing items. Don't have professional movers show up at your new, smaller space and find that your large sectional doesn't even fit in the door. Do some sizing up ahead of time so you will know if you need to downsize your furnishings before moving.

4. Map Out Your New Space Before You Move

Every square foot will need to be utilized if you are downsizing. You may want to add in functional storage, shelving, and other helpful space-savers before you move in all of your boxes and furnishings. If you can spend some time in your new space before your moving service comes in, you can set up organized spaces for your things so that everything has a place and envision an efficient layout of your furnishings.

Try to see moving into a smaller space more as an opportunity. Downsizing can be a great way to clear out the clutter in your life and streamline the look of your home. If you can designate some time before your moving day to get items in order and plan your new space, you will have an easier transition to a smaller space overall.

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