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Proper Steps To Take When Preparing A Mattress To Keep In A Storage Unit

If you are in the process of moving from a larger house to an apartment temporarily, there may be a need for renting a storage unit to hold some of your items if you decide to keep them rather than sell them or give them away. If you had guest bedroom furniture in your old home, you will most likely not need it when living in smaller quarters. Since mattresses are usually a costly investment, you will want to take the proper steps in keeping your guest bedroom's mattress in the best shape while being stored. Here are some instructions to follow when getting a mattress ready for a stay in a storage facility.

Deep Clean Your Mattress Thoroughly

It is important to remove any debris that may be present on your mattress before you package it for storage. If mold spores happened to land on the mattress, mildew could spread within the material when in an area with excessive humidity. To avoid this risk, cleaning the fibers is best.

Vacuum both sides of your mattress using a soft-bristled brush attachment to help avoid pulls from forming in the cushioning. Use an upholstery cleanser to remove any dirt from the mattress's surface. This can be sprayed over dirty areas and blotted with a piece of clean cloth to remove dirt. Allow the mattress to air dry or turn on a circulating fan and direct it toward the mattress to speed up the process in drying.

Cover The Mattress Appropriately To Keep Dirt Away

Purchase a mattress cover from your local home goods store. These are made from a breathable fabric, protecting the mattress from debris. If you have a mattress cover already, check it over to make sure there are no tears within the fabric. If you notice one, use tape to cover the tear from each side. This will help keep out dirt while allowing you to continue using the cover rather than needing to buy a new one. 

Know How To Place The Mattress To Retain Its Shape

Most people will store a mattress on its side against a wall in the storage unit as this will keep it out of the way and allow for additional items to be stored in the space inside. While this seems like a good idea, it can actually cause damage to the internal springs in the mattress. The weight of the mattress will settle toward the portion resting on the floor, leading to the possibility of bending the springs over time. To keep your mattress in the best of shape, it is a better idea to lay it flat to avoid unnecessary shifting of the springs and material.

Place a tarp on the floor of your unit and set the mattress on top of it. Do not place any items on top of the mattress as they could leave indentations behind. Another idea is to place the mattress on top of a large table or desk so it retains its original shape while staying safely elevated.

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